I had to leave and my computer had to perform a task for another hour. I didn’t want to leave it running more than necessary while I was away.

A solution: program the system to shut down (in this case Windows 10).

Here’s how to program the system shutdown:

  • open a terminal under windows (command “cmd”) and type

  • Shutdown /s /t 3600

Replace the 3600 with the number of seconds to stop.

For more details about the command :

Under Linux the command is the same “shutdown” but the syntax is a bit different, to shut down the computer after 60 minutes:

  • open a terminal
  • Shutdown -h 60 or Shutdown +60.

A stop can also be programmed at a specific time:

  • Shutdown -h 16:00

In case of error, cancel the stop with the command:

  • shutdown -c

Note that it is necessary to have administrator rights (root) to enter these commands under linux, a facility is to precede the commands with the command “sudo”.

For more details about the command “shutdown” under linux :



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2021-02-21 13:40 +0100