Save 10W

I’ve found something unusual, there is a method to save 10W of energy everytime you use your computer without changing your habits. This method is pretty easy: Turn OFF the RGB Lights ! On graphics cards, motherboards, keyboards, mouse, etc… there are rgb lights, first if you can avoid to buy rgb lights, do it. If you can’t or if it is cheaper to have your hardware with those lights, turn them off. In order to turn them off, there are the OEM software like MSI Control Center with Mystic Lights that can control them or free software like OpenRGB. Or if you dare to open your hardware you can disconnect them. But please turn them off when they are not needed, in my case i save 10W for lights that i don’t see because they are on my dark pc case with no windows.



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2024-04-02 10:21 +0200