I was not aware but Neofetch is dead.

The script will still work because it is written in bash but there will be no support anymore. As a result I’ve searched for a better alternative, here comes fastfetch !

It is neofetch on steroids, written in C it is faster, really really faster :

> time neofetch

real	0m0,372s
user	0m0,209s
sys	0m0,178s

> time fastfetch

real	0m0,024s
user	0m0,002s
sys	0m0,018s

So I’ve decided to make the switch. I’ve generated a config file : fastfetch --gen-config and i’ve changed the gpu parameters to only show the GPU name


  "$schema": "",
  "modules": [
    { "type": "gpu",
      "format": "{2}"

I’m really happy of the result, happy hacking !



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2024-05-07 17:31 +0200