Package Manager

I would like to talk about something magical: Package managers.

Initially to install software you had to have it on a support (CD/DVD, usb key) and start the installation process.

Then the process changed to become :

  • find the publisher’s website
  • visit this site
  • download the installation program
  • then start the installation.
  • then start the software But that was before I discovered package managers. A package manager is a software that from a given command will search for the desired software, download it and install it.

And that makes all the difference, to use a software you only need 2 steps:

  • Asking the package manager for the software
  • Start the software

There are package managers in almost all GNU/Linux distributions and now also under windows, here are some examples:

  • Chocolatey (Windows)
  • APT (Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Emerge (Gentoo)
  • DNG (Fedora)
  • Pacman (Archlinux) …



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2020-08-12 16:28 +0200