Here is a set of good practices regarding emails that I would like to see more often.

  • Prefer the text format to the html format, so your mail will load faster and take up less space in your correspondent’s mailbox.

  • Get to the point, a good text is short and effective.

  • However, avoid writing in abbreviated form at all costs.

  • If you reply to a message, keep only the useful text as a quote and not the entire content of the previous email.

  • Use a foreign language only for a specific purpose and if it is not possible to do otherwise.

  • Use a short signature at the end of the email without an image.

  • Attachments should be used sparingly, if possible compressed to be as small as possible.

  • Reread yourself and never send a message without taking the time to think about whether it could be shorter, better written, clearer and reflect your intentions.

  • Be polite and courteous.

And if you are interested in the subject, read the netiquette that inspired me to write this article.



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2020-07-11 16:00 +0200