Wayland is amazing but it is sometimes a bit tricky, for example you don’t have a config file to specify the keyboard layout. Hopefully you can pass a variable to your window manager to specify the keyboard layout to use.

In my case i need to give the variable “XKB_DEFAULT_LAYOUT=fr”.

I can launch my window manager (qtile) by giving the variable before the lauch
XKB_DEFAULT_LAYOUT=fr qtile start -b wayland

or use a different window manager like “sway” and do the same XKB_DEFAULT_LAYOUT=fr sway

The keyboard layout will always be passed (fr for french keyboard).

To make it permanent I can write it in the file /etc/environment

echo "XKB_DEFAULT_LAYOUT=fr" >> /etc/environment



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2022-09-24 17:15 +0200