Systemd Boot windows

  1. Install edk2-shell: sudo pacman -S edk2-shell
  2. Copy edk2-shell to the EFI sudo cp /usr/share/edk2-shell/x64/Shell.efi ESP/shellx64.efi
  3. Write the “PARTUUID” of windows partition blkid | grep vfat
  4. Reboot and open the shell entry on the bootloader menu
  5. Find the “FS ALIAS” of windows partition using the command map and write it down, it should look like “HD0g65535a2:” then reboot to your linux system
  6. Create a file in your boot partition called windows.nsh with this content :
# /boot/windows.nsh
<replace with your FS ALIAS>:EFI\Microsoft\Boot\Bootmgfw.efi
  1. Create a menu entry for windows in your bootloader
# /boot/loader/entries/windows.conf
title  Windows
efi     /shellx64.efi
options -nointerrupt -noconsolein -noconsoleout windows.nsh



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