Connect to your wifi using iwctl

These are the commands required to list available access points :

iwctl station wlan0 scan
iwctl station wlan0 get-networks

where “wlan0” is the wifi device (you can get it using the command iwctl device list).

The wifi credentials are stored under /var/lib/iwd , the file format is: SSID.psk

In order to connect from the terminal:

iwctl station <INTERFACE> connect "SSID" 

To forget a wlan network:

iwctl known-networks <SSID> forget

To get the connection status :

iwctl station wlan0 show

If the wifi device is powered off/on you can enable it using :

iwctl device wlan0 set-property Powered on

To connect using the WPS/WSC method: verify that the wifi card is able to connect using this method :

iwctl wsc list

If so then enter this command and push the button (you have 2 minutes to do so):

iwctl wsc wlan0 push-button

To disconnect from a network :

iwctl station wlan0 disconnect

To see the device mac and status :

iwctl device wlan0 show

To see the list of known networks :

iwctl known-networks list

To activate wifi on boot :

systemctl enable iwd



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