That damn Caps Lock

Today I had a bad day. I tried to log on to a service.

  • First try invalid password
  • Second try invalid password
  • Third attempt password invalid locked session

The culprit: That damn CapsLock. Who dared to invent this key?

Under Linux I decided to give it a new function. Instead of caps lock it will be a new innocent copy of the F1 key.

To do this I use xev to find the code of the key. It is Caps_Lock code name 66. Then in a terminal I deactivate the key lock and assign the F1 key function to it.

 xmodmap -e "remove lock = Caps_Lock"
 xmodmap -e "keycode 66 = F1"

And bob is your uncle :)



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2020-06-25 18:28 +0200