10 Min Mail

Today I’d like to tell you about a very practical web service called “10 minute mail”. The principle is simple, a service asks you for your email address. After many years of junk mail in your mailbox (SPAM SPAM SPAM), you hesitate. And that’s where 10 Minute Mail comes in.

Instead of giving your address, you go to https://10minutemail.com. 10 Minute Mail offers you a free temporary address that will only be valid for 10 minutes (example: ckihnnlvueuwxcljah@awdrt.com). Any email sent to this address will be displayed on the website to you and you alone.

After 10 minutes the content is deleted as well as the email address.

So you no longer need to give your email address to anyone, give a temporary one and you can do what you need to do without fear of SPAM.



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2020-05-09 15:56 +0200